Welcome to NutritionCraft – a Private Membership Association (PMA).

Our member benefits have been put in place to enhance fellowship opportunities and improved protection for our Association and its members to operate in the private domain. NutritionCraft PMA, acting as a lawful PMA, has implemented an Executive Board made up of the Founders and Two Trustees (Mandi German and Brent Kimpton) . We have also completed a new Private Membership Agreement which is attached to this email.

Why did we do this?

In the public domain, you must operate under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agencies designed to protect the public. In the private domain of a PMA, you can operate outside the jurisdiction of those agencies and regulatory bodies, as long as there is not a clear and present danger of substantive harm.

The most common benefits of operating under a lawful Private Membership Association are:

  • Operate a health or other type of business association outside the jurisdiction and authority of federal and provincial government agencies.

  • Maintain greater privacy of financial and business affairs of our Association.

  • Greater security of being able to continue operation in a world of changing laws and politics.

  • Instead of conducting business under a legal loophole, we operate under a legal exemption decided by the supreme law of the land.

  • PMA members are free to exchange any information uncensored on any topic and can speak or write about it. Members are free to exchange any product, or service on any terms agreeable with NutritionCraft within the PMA.

What do I need to do?

Carefully read the attached NutritionCraft Private Membership Agreement and make sure you comprehend it fully. If you have any questions about the membership agreement, please reach out to nicolek@lifecraft.me. If you are in full agreement with the terms and conditions of the membership agreement, autograph it.

Once you have autographed the agreement and made your pledge of monthly contribution, it will automatically be returned to the membership committee and a copy provided to you for download.

Sending Good Vibes!
NutritionCraft Executive Board

NutritionCraft – A Private Member Association Member Agreement

Definitions or Glossary: specific words used in this member agreement to ensure that all has a common meaning before signing.

Interaction is mutual or reciprocal action or influence; the act or process of interacting with one another.

Self-Determination means consciously exercising one’s own free will. Acting on one’s free will that consciously recognized your inner authority.

Self-Governance means exercising of authority over oneself without outside interference. This includes having self-awareness and self-responsibility for all personal actions.

Energy refers to the frequency of light and sound of which everything in the Universe vibrates and has its own frequency.

Contribution and/or exchange refers to the compensation provided for the provision of benefits and offerings of NutritionCraft PMA to its members.

Committee means a group of members with a designated leader who voluntarily manage a specific project within NutritionCraft PMA and report back to the Executive Team.

Intern is a man or woman who is gaining practical experience in their field of interest and receives a stipend.

Researcher or Research Assistant is a man or woman engaged by NutritionCraft PMA to conduct specific research and/or analysis as directed by the Executive Team.

Stipend an agreed to amount of compensation to interns and/or research assistants performing agreed upon work for the benefit of NutritionCraft PMA membership.

Confidential Information means all information about and the members that is not to be disclosed outside NutritionCraft PMA without the expressed written authorization of the Leadership Team and/or the member.

Member is any man or woman who has been invited to join NutritionCraft PMA and has autographed the membership agreement and paid the membership dues.

Executive Team consists of the Founders and Trustees who lead and manage the operation and strategic planning for NutritionCraft PMA.

NDA means non-disclosure agreement

Acknowledgement of Self-Responsibility refers to the terms and conditions agreed to by the member to allow them to access the provision of offerings and benefits of NutritionCraft PMA. It further recognizes that the member comprehends that it is entirely their own responsibility to consider the advice, recommendations and/or products offered by NutritionCraft PMA through consultation, education, mentoring, treatment or care.

AGM means Annual General Meeting of all members of NutritionCraft PMA.
EGM means an Extraordinary General Meeting that may be called by the Executive Team of


NutritionCraft PMA.

By joining NutritionCraft – a Private Member Association (PMA) and any website or social media group started by, maintained or organized by the Association, I agree to the following terms and conditions of NutritionCraft – a Private Membership Association, and I comprehend that my membership is non-transferable.

1. Objective

NutritionCraft – a Private Member Association, hereafter referred to as the “Association”, this Association of members declares that our objective is to provide the NutritionCraft Founders, Trustees, and all its members with a platform in which to conduct all manner of private business with the association and convenient exchange with other Associations and Association members, keeping all business in the private domain and using the protections guaranteed by Natural Law.

2. Rights and Freedoms

Members have the right to exercise freedom of speech and to freely pursue their physical, spiritual, economic, social, and cultural development as guaranteed by Natural Law. All the association’s activities are restricted to the private domain and are outside of the public jurisdiction of government entities, agencies, officers, agents, contractors, and other representatives

3. Vision

To exist within a self-governed community focused on a culture of self-determined wellness in service to humanity, which allows you to obtain food of the highest quality, including but not limited to grass-fed grass-finished beef, ancestrally raised pork, bison, chicken and rabbits directly from the farmer. As well as access to truth and knowledge that is uncensored and openly acknowledges that wellness has many dimensions and strives every day to stay on the leading edge of new technology that leads to better wholesome foods. The Association strives to provide the healthiest food choices in the most effective means of delivery of these foods at an affordable exchange.

4. Mission

The Association is committed to creating fellowship with our members to serve the betterment of our community and our lives. We provide a platform to conduct all matters including but not limited to activities of fellowship such as connecting our members to choosing the types of food you want to acquire and eat and that you have done your research on the topic and food sources, information, coaching, teaching, training, counsel, advice, support, and convenient exchange for mutual benefit in the Private domain.

5. Values

We believe that all men and women are born with inherent inalienable Rights that we possess as our lifelong private property. The Association recognizes that we are all created to treat one another as equals, irrespective of race, colour or religion. Our members live in accordance with these principles and policies. The Association provides a medium thorough which its individual members may associate freely expressing these values.

The core values of the Association include but are not limited to faith in God, sacred principles, respect for the dignity of free will, truth, natural health, integrity, family and community, justice, stewardship, transparency and authenticity.

6. Guiding Principles

  • Love thy neighbor as thyself
  • A commitment to do no harm
  • Respect for medical/bodily autonomy
  • Do unto others as you would have done unto you
  • Respect for the inherent dignity, rights, and free will of every man and woman 6. Member Benefits
  • Complementary Health & Wellness consultations
  • Access & discounts to our community partners
  • Regular community meetings and communications
  • Access to our ancestrally consistent food sources and education
  • Complementary consultation for mental health support
  • Access to our community directory, resources, support & education
  • Priority and discount to conferences, workshops, products, merchandise, etc.
  • NutritionCraft PMA may provide additional packages, subscriptions, products and/or services based upon membership needs and desires will be offered through the private member portal

7. Recognition

The Association will recognize as a member any natural man and woman who have joined this Association in good faith with the spirit of connection and collaboration, and agrees with the values, principles, and expectations of this Association; providing said man or woman has not had a membership previously revoked by the Association.

8. Rules of Conduct expected for Good Standing

a. Taking full responsibility for your communication with other members
b. Not initiating or engaging in gossiping and / or complaining
c. Honouring each member
d. Holding space for resolutions
e. Resolving communication issues early
f. Remaining solution focused
g. Showing up – honouring every member’s time and energy by keeping appointments or notification of cancellation
h. Everything stays in the private and is confidential within the Association
i. Opening yourself to learning opportunities and facilitated meeting of the minds

9. Member qualifications

a. Minimum age requirement is 18 years of age.
b. Membership is non-transferable and is valid until revocation, cancellation or death.
c. At the discretion of the Executive Team, energy exchanges for offerings can be in the form of electronic payment, credit card, cash, or cryptocurrency.

10. Membership Dues

Membership – $44.00 initial agreement, the automatic renewal $35.00 every year thereafter.

Members will be notified of any due changes with the option to withdraw from the Association if they are not in agreement with such changes.

Refund Policy – NutritionCraft does not provide refunds.

11. Members Cancellation, Suspension or Revocation

I comprehend that I can withdraw from this agreement and leave the association at any time, and that my benefits, can be revoked by the Executive Team or other designee at any time, should they conclude that a specific member is interacting with them or any other members in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the values, member rules of conduct, and betterment of the association.

12. Dispute Resolution

I recognize that the Association is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Local, County, Municipal, Provincial/Territorial/State or Federal Agencies and Authorities concerning any and all disputes against the Association members or its leadership team. Natural law is based on self-responsibility and self-determination.

All disputes between members will be resolved through peaceful communication and application of non-aggressive principles:

  1. If the dispute is between members and there is not a claim of harm requiring a remedy, the members are expected to openly discuss any dispute and come to an agreement of a resolution.
  2. If the members are experiencing difficulty coming to a peaceful agreement between themselves, they may seek assistance from the leaders to facilitate a meeting to come to a resolution.
  3. If one of the members identifies the situation as causing them harm, they are to bring forward evidence to substantiate their claim and seek remedy for a proven harm. The remedy may be agreed to by the members. Should a remedy not be achieved, both members can bring the claim before a member tribunal to present their evidence and abide by any remedy determined by the tribunal.

13. Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please read carefully.

All the member benefit offerings through the Association are offered to you as a member expressing your free will choice within the association. All private information shared will remain confidential and private within, during and following this member agreement. No information is shared with or released to the public domain in any form without the expressed written permission from a Executive Team of the association. I acknowledge, comprehend and take full responsibility for my actions by consenting to this agreement. Should I not observe this agreement, I recognize that my member benefits and participation in the association may be terminated.

14. Memorandum of Comprehension

I comprehend that the fellow members of the Association that provide products and services, do so in the capacity of a fellow member and not in the capacity as a licensed wholesaler, retailer or provider. I further understand that within the association no wholesaler/retailer- customer relationship exists but only a member-member Association relationship. In addition, I have freely chosen to change my legal status as a public consumer/customer to a private member of the Association. I further comprehend that I am entering into a voluntary agreement with another member acting in their private capacity as a member of the association and it is entirely my own responsibility to consider the recommendations and products offered to me by my fellow members and to educate myself as to the efficacy, risks, and desirability of the same and the acceptance of the offered or recommended products and is my own carefully considered decision. Any request by me to a fellow member to assist me or provide me with such recommendations or products is my own free decision in an exercise of my rights and made by me for my benefit, and I agree to hold any other member, leader, providers, farmers, workers or Association harmless unless the offending member knowingly caused me harm. I in such cases I am free to seek remedy in accordance with the association Constitution.

15. Termination

Members of this Association, NutritionCraft PMA, and any of its groups may be terminated by the Association Founders, Executive Team or their designate, at any time, should they conclude that a specific member is interacting with them, or any other members, in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the focus, principles and betterment of the Association.

16. Change of capacity

I agree to become a member of NutritionCraft, a Private Member Association under God’s law and Natural Law, whose members seek, including but not limited to, greater spiritual wisdom, healing, community connection, clean and safe food, security, education and to exercise our free will of choice. For purposes of the PMA, I am voluntarily changing my capacity from that of a public person to that of a man or woman. My activities with the Association are a private matter that are none of the business of the Local, Provincial/Territorial, or Federal investigative or enforcement agencies. I fully agree not to pursue any course of legal action against a fellow member of the Association, unless that member has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive harm, and upon recommendation and approval of the Executive Team or designee.

17. Informed Consent

I enter into this agreement of my own free will without any pressure or coercion. I affirm that I do not represent any Local, Provincial/Territorial, or Federal agency whose purpose is to regulate and approve products or services in the Public Domain, or to carry out any mission of enforcement, entrapment, or investigation. I have read and understood this document, and my questions have been answered fully to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from this agreement and terminate my membership in this Association at any time, and that my membership can be revoked if I engage in abusive, dishonest, violent, menacing, destructive, harassing, or nuisance behavior towards any member of the Association. By accepting this agreement, I have sought sufficient education to determine that this is the course of action I want to take for myself. By entering into this agreement, I am giving informed consent for myself.

18. Agreement Statements

This agreement serves as a private lawful agreement, which began the date of my joining NutritionCraft – A Private Membership Association. I declare that by joining the Association and/or the associations websites and/or social media group(s), I have carefully read the entire paperwork and I comprehend and agree with it.