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Foundational Values


We believe that men have the power to take charge of their lives and make positive changes for themselves and those around them.


 We promote the idea that men should be active participants in shaping their own lives, rather than passive bystanders.


We encourage men to test the edges of their restraint and to honour their commitments and boundaries.


We believe that honesty is the foundation of all healthy relationships and personal growth.


We value humility as a key component of personal growth and the development of strong character.

Where men have lost their way:

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There is a vacuum of purpose within most men. A man with no purpose is like a fire with no heat. He goes through the motions committing himself to effort and work without a feeling of fulfillment. If it persists it can leave him needing constant distraction, leaving him depressed and stifled.

The world is lacking ritual processes in boys becoming men. What are the milestones that indicate this right of passage is happening? Is it getting his driver’s license? Or when he turns an age that society defines as an adult? He doesn’t have the biological indicators like menstruation that women do, ushering him into the undeniable reality of responsibility.

He needs to be guided into manhood by his community, by the men that have gone before him.

Brotherhood and council is traditionally how men grow, learn, and hold themselves accountable. A man needs space to be vulnerable and to experience challenges in equal measure. He needs brotherhood to be guided through the stages of life; he needs the responsibility of serving his brotherhood by leading the men that follow.

Men need to engage themselves and become competent in at least one skill. A man needs to be willing to get his hands dirty, to learn new skills, to take honour in his attention and quality of his work. He cannot rely exclusively on other men being able to solve his problems without taking the opportunity to engage and learn the skill.

Men are softening and shying away from the discomforts of life. The grounded masculine leans into these times and considers it an opportunity. A man who consistently chooses comfort and ease over pain and discomfort is unable to rise to the challenge when called upon. He will downgrade himself to victimhood with excuses for why he is unable to evolve and meet the expectations of life.

A hero's journey
back to himself


Love your family,
Respect your friends,

choose your tribe

The ManCraft Community is an incredible place to start exploring masculinity.

Connect with like-minded individuals and access a range of resources, including expert-led dialogue, informative blogs, and research on masculinity and its impact on society.

Note: this is not someplace where you watch more videos, this is where the rubber meets the road and you’re an active member of a thriving community.


  • Chat with purpose-driven men.
  • Start networking with and learn from other leaders
  • Get your questions about masculinity answered in our community forums
  • Inspirational resources to practice higher integrity in your finances and relationships


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  • Everything in Approach
  • Exclusive Access to Live Events
  • Focused Forums: Health, Virtue, Mind, and Wealth
  • Learn to become the leader in your community, career, and bedroom you were meant to be.
  • Collaborate and Hone Your Gifts, Skills and Talents with other high-calibre men
  • Engage in Community

Craft a Man that is

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ManCraft Trifecta

Become the architect of the hero you were called to be.

Sadly, our society has discouraged this work,
so we have become comfortable with mediocrity.

Finally, through this intensive community,
you can get the guidance you need to begin your craft.

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Join the movement that is restoring integrity to our families and communities

Currently, we are in pre-registration for our next ManCraft Cohort.

Join the waitlist today.

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