Craft the Hero of your Story.

with ManCraft Trifecta

The Trifecta of manifestation

4-Day Retreat

Focus on reconnecting to nature and your masculine essence. This is your jumping off point to reset, rewire, and rekindle your masculine energy through brotherhood in the beautiful backcountry of the Rocky Mountains.


Break free from any self-limitations, fears, or self-doubt preventing you from fully expressing your purpose at the level of your being... not just 'doing'.

Fall in love with your path.


Learn to stand in responsibility, integrity and grace to yourself, your family, and your community. Form the strong relationships that allow you to experience the safety and support you deserve as a leader in our world.

Join the movement that is restoring integrity to our families and communities

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4-Day Retreat

Get Centered

You will begin by setting the intention to enhance your life with rich masculinity, authenticity, and discover the power that's only possibly through vulnerability.

Discuss with others what masculinity is, and what we are looking to achieve on the retreat.

The truth of the duality of gender is found in nature.

Day 1

Get Clear

Become aware of where your masculinity has been throttled and stifled by the un-natural.

Test yourself in nature with a cathartic adventure.

Surrender to your power and know you are worthy of wielding it like the warrior nature engineered you to be.

Day 2

Get Real

Recognize the man/boy crisis and how masculinity has been under attack, what will happen if we as men do not take responsibility for our past.

Know you are not the past, and that with a new, present you - the future will be saved.

Day 3


Integrate these lessons with your new brothers and construct a home for the new paradigms that shape your language to support your purpose going forward.

Day 4

"Invest in yourself"

We’ve all heard the gurus and their sales pitches for years.

We’ve also heard: “Don’t invest in something without knowing everything you can about it.

They are both right.

What’s missing from other programs is the focus on one’s inner world.

PurposeCraft brings you intimate clarity in who you are, and frees you from any self-limitation, fears, or self-doubt preventing you from fully expressing your purpose. It includes deep trance exploration and LifeCraft Therapy. After PurposeCraft, you will have fallen in love with your path in life. You will be standing in peace, acceptance, self-compassion, and power.

How the Trifecta shapes you as a man

True masculinity isn't built on affirmations and gentle pats on the back.

It’s built on drive, purpose, and the courage to show up, no matter what. 

Experience the most of your true masculinity, get out of your comfort zone, face some painful truths, and practice leaning in to your authentic self.

  1. The 4-day, all inclusive, backcountry retreat in nature is the perfect venue to help you find your individual purpose in life.
  2. PurposeCraft will give you direct help through 12 weekly online group calls and customized take-home coursework.
  3. With your lifetime access to Ascend, our online community of like-minded men will hold you accountable to being fired up and focused on your goals.


No matter where you are on your journey, this brotherhood isn’t here to consume your time scrolling and reading, it’s here for you to build a strong foundation for your divine masculinity to be fully expressed in all you do.


In others' words:

Pretty sure there's something that can go here.

Brock Wegner

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