Local, Nutritious Food As Nature Intended

Shortening the distance between local farms and your table.

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Sure, I could be a customer of the super market. But with NutritionCraft, I know I'm getting food from farmers that have the best practices. I'd rather be a customer of theirs anyway.
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Before, I was spending $400-500/mo on meat that wasn't even the best quality. Today, I am spending half that and supporting my local farmers. Thank you NutritionCraft!
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We might spend more money per pound today, but because the food is so nutritious, we're eating less, which reduces our monthly grocery bills by 25-30%.

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ancestrally consistent and nutritious food

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Young woman driving herd of Guernsey cows along a rural road.
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Featured Products

Our newest offers from our partnering farmers:

Pair of big american bison buffalo walking by grassland pairie grazing against blue sky landscape

Wild Bison Meat

Check out our selection of quality Alberta bison at unbeatable prices.

We’ve scoured the land to find a truly natural, untamed herd. No antibiotics, no grain, just nature’s nutrition.

-Energetic, wild herd

-Steaks & roasts (not just ground)

-No vaccines or pharmaceuticals

-safe, chemical free packaging

Raw mince meat patties. Meat cutlet ready to cook. Farm organic meat.

Grass-Finished Beef

This is so much more than the best grass-finished beef on earth!

Our beef is ethically raised on an ancestrally consistent diet from local Alberta farmers. We are proud to share high-quality beef at affordable prices without compromising quality or ethics. Your body will thank you!

-Energetic herd

-1/4 and 1/2 portions available too

-No vaccines or pharmaceuticals

-safe, chemical-free packaging

Watermelon, pineapple, lemon and strawberries on white background. Texture.

Freeze-Dried Goodies

From watermelon to pineapple,  and even cheese, we’ve got these and other tasty treats ready to go!

Our freeze-dried organic fruits and raw dairy snacks can be left in a vehicle or gym bag for 25 years with zero spoilage, zero nutrient loss and maintain their incredible flavour!

Don’t forget to check out our freeze-dried (and regular) Pepperoni as well!

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