A Remote Single Day Journey:

Experience the healing power of energy, frequency
and vibration.

Join us for a 3-hour retreat of healing through sound where you will:

begin with an intention ceremony where you are guided through the creation of an intention for your journey. You’ll surrender that intention into the ceremonial fire and begin your therapeutic psychedelic sound bath. This sound bath induces a state that leads to the release of emotions that are holding you back or that you’re holding onto.  We finish with a blissful  “imprinting” of the freedom, sense of belonging, and peace  into your subconscious mind.  Now your experience of life going forward is more in alignment with truth, more free from prior self-limiting beliefs so you can Be Fully Human.

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SoundCraft Experience Retreats In Nature

Tuning fork in sound therapy

Embark on a soul-soothing journey of healing with our SoundCraft Experience – a fusion of sound therapy and energetic healing at the Alliance Building (1323 – 102ave, Dawson Creek, BC) This 2 hour retreat begins with an intention creation ceremony. Next, Devyn will lead you in guided breathwork to prepare you for your immersive soundbath.  Here, as you settle into […]

The reflection of beautiful fall colours in Pyramid Lake near Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Leave the noise and disconnection to join us in finding peacefulness and balance.  Nestled within British Columbia’s beautiful landscapes, our off-grid retreats immerse you in the serenity of nature’s wonders.  Indulge in your choice of healing modalities that combine the use of Sound and Therapeutic Psychedelic Therapies. Here, you can step away from a space […]


SoundCraft Experience Outline

Welcome & Grounding

Step into a space of tranquillity as we welcome you to the SoundCraft experience. Our sacred space awaits, ready to embrace you in a cocoon of calmness and wonder for your musical journey.


Tune In To Your Intention

Set your intentions in preparation to immerse yourself in a sound bath of frequencies creating a psychedelic state without psilocybin.
Your mind, body and soul want to thrive and heal. This is your time to be intentional with what you are needing at this moment to Be Fully Human.


Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

Our SoundCraft Therapists will intuitively curate healing music and sounds in real-time surrounding your heart, soul and mind in frequencies that carry you further into your journey. Gently soar on a path of self-discovery.


Integrate and Inform Your Body, Mind and Soul

After your transcending journey, complete your transformative experience with our deep trance Therapeutic Psychedelic Integration. This process allows for all the self-discovery, healing and freedom you have now accessed to be anchored within and imprinted in a lasting transformation. You have the power to give yourself what you need.


Embrace the Gift of SoundCraft

Now re-enter your life with a new level of power, clarity, and gratitude for the gift you have given yourself. We give you the track to listen to as many times as you wish. It's common to experience an ongoing unfolding of release, lightness, belonging and worthiness.


Setting Intention

We start the weekend with grounding, bringing people into capacity in preparation for their journey. With meditation and breath work, journeyers invite clarity on a totem and connect with their intention.Serenity

Exploring Consciousness

The journey begins early in the morning with the fresh energy of a new day. Where you go during this time will be guided by your intention and the lessons the universe has for you.Exploration


Convening back in the yurt, will be providing a backdrop with Sound Therapy to compliment the LifeCraft Therapy that releases the old beliefs and imprints upon you, the journeyer a clarity of self in being whole and complete.Harmony

Open Time

Convening back in the yurt, will be providing a backdrop with Sound Therapy to compliment the LifeCraft Therapy that releases the old beliefs and imprints upon you, the journeyer a clarity of self in being whole and complete.Nourishment

Totem Integration

Our Intuitive, Jayne will facilitate journeyers through the process of asking Gaia to present Totem and guide them through surrendering to its integration. With this, you will receive further clarity on how that connection can guide you on your ongoing journey to living your fully human life.Wonder


Absolutely. Entering psychedelic or trance states in this way is completely safe. You cannot get stuck there, and you cannot be traumatized there. You are able to wake yourself up at any time, and you will remain completely in control. There are no known cases of any negative effects with Wavepaths.

Our backcountry retreat settings are remote and wild, but comfortable and contained. You’ll have your own private mat in our big yurt. And our team is managing wildlife and safety at every stage. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to spend time in the mountains, feeling the power of nature in a safe and contained way, this is it!

In short, loose clothing and personal toiletries. A retreat handbook is provided upon registration, presenting the remaining details.

Our yurt has zippered doors and we do the best we can to keep bugs out.  Yes, we’re going to be out in nature and the backcountry can be very rugged, but it is the perfect setting to ground and center yourself.

We have a robust first aid kit, including a burn kit and at least 1 person on every team has their St. John’s First Aid.

Also, in your private consultation, we assess all your concerns and form a plan for risk mitigation.

We have everything we need to contain and dispose of feminine products available, and if you’re on pain medication, there are no contraindications in terms of safety, but in the context of the journey, they may numb your sensory system, weakening the impact of your therapy.

Your unconscious mind is always listening, and your body is able to receive vibrational attunement anytime. Falling asleep is completely ok, and will not negatively impact the healing effect of your Psychic Wavepaths.

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