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Use this page after a SoundCraft Session is Complete

If your client needs help getting to your Therapy Studio,
send them this link

After your customer's SoundCraft Therapy complete the form below:

Step 1: Enter your customer's email address (to ensure we send the followup to the correct client)

Step 2: Write a paragraph of your observations about their session to add your own personalization to the email.

Step 3. Click 'Send' to start the SoundCraft Therapy Followup sequence.


Start of Email:

Hi {firstname},
Congratulations on bravely surrendering into your SoundCraft session. As you did, you gave yourself a beautiful and deserved gift of release. You can listen to your customized Wavepaths track anytime, for life by clicking this button:

As your SoundCraft Therapist, I'm here to support you! As you continue experiencing release and catharsis, connect with me anytime with questions. And I love celebrating with clients, so as you notice more...

Email closing:

I'd love to hear, support you, and celebrate the gift you gave yourself as you surrendered into your SoundCraft session. [your signature with contact information will go here]