Intuitive Healer

Christelle Johnson

Music has always been meaningful to me,
so when I encountered SoundCraft as a healing modality,
it felt right. 

As a logical person, I have a tendency to think my way to solutions. But sometimes, logic can neither articulate the emotions I’m experiencing, nor bring me freedom from those emotions

Because SoundCraft has the power to gently and safely bring healing and release of emotional weight that is no longer serving you, even if you don’t understand those emotions or where they came from, it offers a profound healing experience for people at all levels of emotional clarity.

I’m deeply grateful to be helping others release emotions standing between them and the enoughness, freedom, and flow that is their birthright.

Let's talk about this powerful experience as medicine for your heart, mind, and soul.

Choose a day and a time that works for you, and I’ll send you the link for us to meet.